Stationary Spectrometers

The Zenith of Sensitivity

Designed to meet the highest and most stringent standards of performance, reliability and repeatability, the Metavision X-Series, with its innovative multi-optics system, extended wavelength range and plethora of analytical features, assures the entire gamut of analytical features and analyses of the widest range of elements right down to trace levels.

Key Features

  • Wavelength range from 120-800 nm to cover 50+ elements
  • Ultra-low detection limits for Carbon, Nitrogen, Oxygen etc.
  • Trace analysis across all key elements in all types of metals and alloys
  • Time-resolved spectrometry (TRS), soluble-insoluble analysis

When excellence is not good enough

Using the patented D-Scan and M-Scan optics, the Metavision i-Series spectrometers deliver high resolution and low detection limits with high accuracy and repeatability making them the go-to solutions to nearly every commercial requirement in metals industries.

Key Features

  • Wavelength range from 130-670 nm to cover 40+ elements
  • Low level analysis for Carbon, Nitrogen and key elements across applications
  • Optimised for analysis of high-purity metals and alloys including Aluminium, Copper, Lead, Zinc etc.
  • Comprehensive range of diagnostic and safety features

Laboratory-grade Powerhouse

Featuring the patented D-Scan optics that typify the i-series spectrometers, the Metavision-1008i offers low detection limits combined with high stability, precision and accuracy. The innovative D-Scan optics directly double the resolution as compared with conventional optics design, enabling low-level analysis across over 35 elements – including N, C, P, S, Mn, Al, Fe etc. across any number of bases and matrices. It’s combination of high precision and accuracy with low-level analysis make the Metavision-1008i the all-round laboratory powerhouse.

Key Features

  • Analysis of all key elements across bases – including Nitrogen in Steels
  • Vacuum free and thermally stabilised optics
  • Can analyse 35+ elements including Nitrogen Analysis
  • Unmatched analytical performance and reliability with excellent long term stability
  • Low cost of ownership

A rugged and versatile thoroughbred

The Metavision N-Series spectrometers are compact, robust and economical instruments that are designed to deliver industry-leading performance across the widest range of industries, applications and environments. The truly innovative design delivers rapid, precise, accurate and certifiable elemental analysis in weight percentages of metals and stands the test of time.

Key Features

  • Multi-base capability for seamless upgrades at any point in time
  • Analytical capabilities across 30+ elements including Carbon, Nitrogen, Sodium, Lithium etc.
  • Rugged, stable, precise and industry-leading price – performance ratio

Compact and affordable

The Spartan shares its DNA with the Metavision N-Series and has been custom-designed to address the needs of users who need spectrometers, but are inhibited by the capital cost involved. The Spartan is a rugged and compact solution that meets all the critical QA needs of fast- growing and quality-conscious MSMEs.

Key Features

  • Extremely easy to use – fully PC-controlled and rapid analysis time of just a few seconds
  • Proven long-term stability and repeatability with high accuracy and precision
  • Grade Identification library for quick identification and confirmation of grades
  • Lowest Capital cost and Total Cost of Ownership in the world

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