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While just about every metals company experiences the need to analyse incoming and / or outgoing materials, there remains a large number of – mainly – MSMEs that continue to rely on external laboratories to fulfil this need. While aware of the benefits that spectrometers offer, the high capital and operating costs typically associated with spectrometers are the most common reasons which make them baulk at purchasing such useful instruments.
The Spartan, which shares its DNA with the Metavision N-Series spectrometers has been custom-designed by Metal Power to address the needs of such users. Sample clamping is automatic and the sample stand is open, allowing small and large samples to be mounted with ease. With high precision, accuracy and repeatability, the Spartan is a rugged and compact bench-top solution that meets all the critical quality assurance needs of fast-growing and quality-conscious MSMEs.

Key Applications

Rolling mills, foundries, workshops Rapid analysis; test several 100s of samples daily
Alloy manufacturers Ideal for those with a limited number and range of grades
Small-sized industries Most economical spectrometer in the world
Users with limited test volumes Extremely low cost per analysis – ideal for those with critical but low-volume needs


  • Compact, rugged and accurate - high precision and stability
  • Single SUS standardization
  • Thermally stabilized optics
  • Fully automated, PC controlled
  • Vacuum-free optics for fast stabilization
  • Global programs for Fe, Al or Cu bases


  • Open Sample Stand to conveniently accommodate samples of a wide range of sizes and shapes
  • Unmatched analytical performance and reliability with excellent long-term stability
  • Global calibration programs for Fe, Al or Cu bases
  • Accurate and precise analysis including grade determination
  • Analysis of all key elements
  • Grade Identification library for quick identification and confirmation of grades
  • Easy to use with full PC control
  • Wired/wireless remote transmission and display provision of analysed results
  • Vacuum-free optics enabling fast stabilization
  • Most economical spectrometer in the world

Available for Ferrous and non-Ferrous analyses, the Spartan is powered by the same Analyst operating and applications suite that powers the Metavision N-Series spectrometers. Designed for usage even by untrained operators, the Spartan is not just easy-to-use, but also easy to maintain, while its low Argon and electricity consumption ensure that operating costs do not offset its low cost of acquisition, making it the instrument with the lowest acquisition cost as well as Total Cost of Ownership in the world.

Rolling mills, foundries and workshops which have smaller scales typically find it difficult to justify the acquisition costs of an OES – despite knowing the tremendous upsides on the operational front. With a limited number of grades to be tested, such users find themselves being asked to pay for a multitude of features they don’t really need. The Spartan is specifically designed for such users. With global calibrations and unlimited type matrices, the Spartan presents these users with a robust financial case to supplement the undoubted operational benefits that accrue from owning a spectrometer.
Alloy industries with smaller plants, such as those in Aluminium die-casting or brass as well as those making steels typically manufacture specific grades, but require high-quality of analyses in their material testing. For all such users, the Spartan offers exceptional value for money, providing rapid, accurate and precise analysis for all their grades.

Small-sized industries are typically budget-constrained and look at low costs of acquisition as one of the foremost considerations when evaluating procurement of any capital equipment. Such users typically require only 8-10 elements

to be analysed. The Spartan covers all key elements down to levels that more than adequately cover the analytical needs of such users.

Users with limited test volumes face a tough choice when evaluating in- house solutions. Chemical testing labs are adequate, but apart from being slow, they also require substantial salary costs on qualified chemists to conduct analyses. For such users, the Spartan offers the option to do away with these overheads, greatly reducing operating costs while offering superior and more wide-ranging analytical performance.

Technical Specifications – SPARTAN

Optics Features

  • Latest-generation, ultra-high-resolution CCD detectors
  • Temperature Stabilized Compact System

Sample Stand

  • Open Stand with clamping system designed to ensure high sample throughput
  • Analysis of samples with various kinds of geometries
  • Super Argon Saver for optimized Argon flow

Excitation Source

  • Digital Pulsed Current Controlled Source
  • Multi-frequency range
  • Fully computer controlled
  • 90 – 270 VAC; 50/60 Hz

Analytical Features

  • Automatic Grade Identification
  • Check-burn facility with deletion of Poor Burns
  • Display of Mean Value and RSD/SD
  • Global and Type Standardization
  • Simple Re-standardization
  • MetSort Analysis Software for sorting metals element-wise
  • Carbon Equivalent (CE)
  • Application for Wire Analysis
  • Application for Thin Sheets’ Analysis
  • Selectable Burn Parameters for Optimizing Analysis
  • Unlimited Log of all Analysis and Spectral Data
  • Powerful & Flexible Report Writer-Designer
  • Customized Element View & Decimal Point Position
  • Hot Key Operations for various functions
  • Check-Sample Facility with Graphical Representation
  • Audio-Visual Help for Operational & Maintenance Assistance
  • Melt Addition Programme (optional)
  • Grade and CRM Library (optional)
  • Compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10 (32 and 64 bit)

Environment Conditions

  • Operating temperature range: 15 – 35°C (59 – 95°F)
  • Relative Humidity: <80 % (non-condensing)
  • Storage Temperature: 0 – 70°C
Specifications are subject to change
on account of product upgrades.

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