Laboratory-grade Powerhouse

Research in the field of spectrometry has continually been focused on ever-lower detection limits and faster analysis time coupled with high precision and accuracy. At Metal Power, our R&D team focuses on these, while not losing sight of the need to deliver economic value across the product lifecycle. The Metavision-1008i, exemplifies all these endeavours, for offering rapid and highly precise and accurate analysis of an extremely wide range elements at very low levels of in ferrous and non-ferrous metals, while also offering exceptional economical value.
Featuring the patented D-Scan optics that typify the i-series spectrometers, the Metavision-1008i offers low detection limits combined with high stability, precision and accuracy. The innovative D-Scan optics directly double the resolution as compared with conventional optics design, enabling low-level analysis across over 35 elements – including N, C, P, S, Mn, Al, Fe etc. across any number of bases and matrices. It’s combination of high precision and accuracy with low-level analysis make the Metavision-1008i the all-round laboratory powerhouse.

Key Applications

Large Steel Plants Rapid analysis with limits in low to single-PPM range
Testing Laboratories Commercial and educational labs with wide-ranging applications
Specialty alloy makers Wide range of elements with low detection limits
Pure metal applications Up to 99 .98% purity Pb, Zn, Cu etc. – all but the most stringent uses!


  • Compact, rugged and flexible any number of bases and matrices
  • Single SUS standardization
  • Thermally stabilized optics
  • Fully automated, PC controlled
  • 35+ elements; Includes Nitrogen analysis!
  • Vacuum-free optics for fast stabilization


  • Open Sample Stand to conveniently accommodate samples of a wide range of sizes and shapes
  • Unmatched analytical performance and reliability with excellent long-term stability
  • All types of ferrous and non-ferrous applications
  • Accurate and precise analysis including grade determination
  • Auto-identification of grade and matrix
  • Analysis of all key elements across bases - including Nitrogen in steels
  • Grade Identification library for quick identification and confirmation of grades
  • Easy to use with full PC control
  • Wired/wireless Remote transmission and display provision of analysed results
  • Vacuum-free optics enabling fast stabilization
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership

The patented D-Scan optics of the have been designed to ensure high resolution and enable lower limits of detection with high precision and repeatability. By providing Virtual Extra detectors, D-Scan optics directly double the instrument’s resolution while using fewer detectors, thereby making instruments more compact and yet more economical and far more stable. In terms of performance this translates into the capability to offer much lower detection limits across elements.

The Metavision-1008i has proven capabilities across analysis of pure metals and alloys of Lead, Aluminium, Copper and many other bases. In ferrous metals, the Metavision-1008i is ideal for the analysis of Stainless Steels (including Nitrogen in Duplex and other Steels), Low Alloy Steels (including low detection limits for Nitrogen), Heat-resistant Stainless Steels and Cast Iron / S.G. Iron / Ductile Iron (including analysis of Zinc). With detection limits as low as 10 PPM for all key elements like Carbon, Sulphur, Manganese etc., the Metavision-1008i is a powerful Laboratory-grade solution to almost every requirement in metals industries.

Large steel plants manufacture a wide range of grades and alloys. Each line typically has a dedicated spectrometer and it is critical for these machines to be able to analyse a wide range of elements with low detection limits to ensure not only accurate concentration of alloying elements, but also ensure minimization of tramp / trace elements. Analysing 29 elements in ferrous metals and offering low detection limits for each, the Metavision-1008i offers excellent value to such users.

Commercial laboratories cater to a whole host of industries, often analysing several hundreds of samples daily for different bases,

matrices etc. For such laboratories, having a spectrometer with a high throughput, low operating costs and wide range of covered elements and detection ranges is essential to ensure satisfaction of a varied clientele. The Metavision-1008i has a rapid analysis time assuring high throughput and low detection limits that meet the analytical requirements of just about every industrial user, making it the ideal solution for Laboratories.

Pure Metal Producers particularly those in Lead, Copper, Zinc etc., require spectrometers to be capable of analysis with very low detection limits to meet their testing needs. The Metavision-1008i has detection

limits that assure high performance for most such users. With the capability to analyse pure metals up to 99.98% purity, it is the ideal solution for users with all but the most stringent needs.

Specialty alloy makers have a great need for confidentiality of composition – making commercial labs a less attractive option – even if testing volumes are not too large. Further, they require a wide range of elements to be analysed and often with detection limits in the 5-20 ppm range. The Metavision-1008i is ideally placed to meet the needs of such manufacturers, covering 35+ elements with low detection limits for each.

Technical Specifications - Metavision i-Series

Analytical features

  • Auto Selection of Base, Matrix with Analysis of Chemical Composition
  • Automatic Grade Identification
  • Check-burn facility with deletion of Poor Burns
  • Display of Mean Value and RSD/SD
  • Global and Type Standardization
  • Simple Re-standardization
  • MetSort Analysis Software for sorting metals element-wise
  • Carbon Equivalent (CE)
  • Application for Wire Analysis
  • Application for Thin Sheets’ Analysis
  • Selectable Burn Parameters for Optimizing Analysis
  • Unlimited Log of all Analysis and Spectral Data
  • Powerful & Flexible Report Writer-Designer
  • Customized Element View & Decimal Point Position
  • Hot Key Operations for various functions
  • Check-Sample Facility with Graphical Representation
  • Audio-Visual Help for Operational & Maintenance Assistance
  • Melt Addition Programme (optional)
  • Grade and CRM Library (optional)
  • Compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10 (32 and 64 bit)

Environment Conditions

  • Relative Humidity: <80 % (non-condensing)
  • Storage Temperature: 0 – 70°C

Optics Features

  • Latest-generation, ultra-high-resolution CCD detectors
  • Temperature Stabilized Compact System

Sample Stand

  • Open Stand with clamping system designed to ensure high sample throughput
  • Analysis of samples with various kinds of geometries
  • Super Argon Saver for optimized Argon flow

Excitation Source

  • Digital Pulsed Current Controlled Source
  • Multi-frequency range
  • Fully computer controlled
  • 90 – 270 VAC; 50/60 Hz
Specifications are subject to change
on account of product upgrades.

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