The Zenith of Sensitivity

Designed to meet the highest and most stringent standards of performance, reliability and repeatability, the Metavision X-Series, with its innovative multi-optics system, extended wavelength range and plethora of analytical features, assures the entire gamut of analytical features and analyses of the widest range of elements right down to trace levels.

Key Applications

High-end Laboratories Defence, Railways, pure research, etc.
Pure metal applications 99.995%+ purity Pb, Zn, Cu etc. (E.g. OFC, batteries, galvanizing etc.)
Regulatory compliance Very low LODs to control Pb, Cd, As etc. (e.g. ship-making)
Integrated Steel Plants <5 PPM C, S, P, B, N, Ti; need for O2


  • Time-resolved spectroscopy
  • Single SUS standardization
  • Soluble-insoluble analysis
  • 50+ elements; including low N, O, C etc.
  • Full 120-800 nm range
  • Multi-CCD optics
  • Trace analysis (PPM / sub-PPM)


    • Open Sample Stand to conveniently accommodate samples of a wide range of sizes and shapes
    • Unmatched analytical performance and reliability with excellent long-term stability
    • Soluble-insoluble analysis
    • Time-resolved spectroscopy (TRS)
    • Accurate and precise analysis including grade determination
    • Auto-identification of grade and matrix
    • Analysis of low levels of Carbon, Nitrogen and Oxygen
    • Grade Identification library for quick identification and confirmation of grades
    • Easy to use with full PC control
    • Wired/wireless Remote transmission and display provision of analysed results
    • Advanced instrument and user safety features - sample detection, emergency stop, trippers, user alerts and many more
    • High-resolution Multi-CCD optics for optimal spectral line separation
    • Vacuum-free optics enabling fast stabilization
    • Low Total Cost of Ownership
    • Comprehensive diagnostic system including error detection, logging and reporting
    • In-built safety features for instrument and user safety

    The X-Series spectrometers have been designed specifically for those that require the highest level of accuracy and precision at extremely low limits of detection. Capable of analyzing just about every element possible and with low-PPM and sub-PPM limits of detection for each, the X-Series spectrometers are ideal for a wide range of users. Being CCD-based, there is never any need for hardware upgrades, even if new elements, bases or matrices are to be added post-purchase, with additions being simple and possible to do even on-site!

    Integrated Steel Plants typically require analysis of key elements such as Carbon, Nitrogen and Boron down to single PPM or even sub-PPM levels. The X-Series spectrometers’ limits are in the low to- sub-PPM range for most critical elements assuring such users the ability to have precise identification and measurement for all their grades. Additionally, the ability to analyse Oxygen to low levels adds to the ability of such users to meet their analytical requirements.

    Pure Metal Producers such as those in Lead, Copper, Zinc etc. – require extremely low limits of detection across almost every element and particularly for heavy elements to meet purity requirements as well as environmental

    norms on elements such as Lead, Arsenic, Cadmium etc. For users such as battery manufacturers, ship-builders, galvanizing units etc. the X-Series is the optimal OES to meet their exacting needs.

    High-end laboratories including those those in defence, aerospace or pure research demand the widest range of elemental analysis capabilities and all with extremely low limits to ensure the greatest possible granularity of information that is essential for material design or for material selection and quality checking when using in mission-critical equipment and components. With its unmatched flexibility, be it on the range of elements covered or extremely low limits, the X-Series spectrometers offer the ideal solution for such users.

    Users with regulatory compulsions: With the global focus on climate control and environmental safety, there is an increasing number of regulations that govern permissible limits for elements deemed to be hazardous or polluting. Users as well as manufacturers of such materials therefore find themselves under ever-increasing pressure to test and certify their materials for conformance with these norms. The X-Series covers all critical elements that need to be analysed and offers low limits on each, enabling all necessary analyses and therefore the required peace-of-mind.

    Technical Specifications - Metavision X-Series

    Multi Optics System

    • Multi-optics system using latest-generation, high-resolution detectors
    • Wavelength range: 120-800 nm
    • Paschen Runge Mounting in a Rowland Circle of focal length up to 500 mm
    • Resolution: 6 – 13 pm (1 pm = 10-12 m/10-3 nm)
    • Cooled low-temperature, thermally stabilized optics to ensure high precision and stability

    Sample Stand

    • Open Stand with clamping system designed to ensure high sample throughput
    • Analysis of samples with various kinds of geometries
    • Super Argon Saver for optimized Argon flow
    • Auto-detection of Sample Presence

    Excitation Source

    • Digital Pulsed Current Controlled Source
    • Multi-frequency range
    • Fully computer controlled

    Analytical Features

    • Time Resolved Spectroscopy
    • Soluble-Insoluble Analysis
    • Auto Selection of Base, Matrix with Analysis of Chemical Composition
    • Automatic Grade Identification
    • Check-burn facility with deletion of Poor Burns
    • Display of Mean Value and RSD/SD
    • Global and Type Standardization
    • Simple Re-standardization
    • MetSort Analysis software for sorting metals element-wise
    • Carbon Equivalent (CE)
    • Analysis of 50+ elements even at trace levels
    • Suitable for very high-purity analysis of Cu, Al, Pb, Zn, etc
    • Merge spectrum for easy use in Re-standardization
    • Applications for analysis of wires and thin sheets


    • Intuitive icon and menu-based design to ensure ease-of-use
    • Comprehensive diagnostics: detection, logging, reporting
    • Compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10 (32 and 64 bit)
    • Maintenance scheduling and alerts
    • Argon quality-check
    • Super Argon saver
    • Auto-detection of sample
    • Grade Library, Grade Identi­fication, Grade Analysis and Grade Standardization
    • Auto recognition of bad burns
    • Auto-logging of Burn-cycle parameters
    • Auto-base & auto-matrix detection

    Accessories and Options

    • Wire Analysis Adapters
    • Small Sample Analysis Kit
    • Spectrometer Sample Surface Polishing Machines
    • Remote Transmission and Display System (RTDS) – Wired/Wireless up to 500m
    • Certified Reference Materials (CRMs)
    • Two-Stage Metal Diaphragm Argon Regulator

    Environment Conditions

    • Relative Humidity: <80 % (non-condensing)
    • 90-270 VAC; 50/60 Hz
    • Atmosphere: free of corrosive vapors and high dust pollution
    Specifications are subject to change
    on account of product upgrades.

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