Allied Equipments

Integrated Safety Panels

In several markers, the quality of power supply remains poor. Our patented Integrated safety Panels Protect your Spectrometer Systems (and any other connected equipment) from a variety of issues including Short Circuits, Over Voltage, High Surge, Earth Leakage etc. They offer Fault Indications and maintain logs as well, ensuring the best possible protection for expensive equipment.

Remote Transmission and Display (RTDS)

In large foundries and steel plants,the melting platform and the Laboratory are quite often removed from each other by as much as a few hundred meters. The wi-fi enabled RTDS systems enable results to be transmitted seamlessly from the Lab to the melting platform on a real-time basis.

Wire Adapters

Metal Power Wire Adapters are designed to analyze wires and wire rods from 2mm to 13mm in diameter. We also offer specialized adapters for more specific requirements where wire sizes may be even lower than 2mm – to as low as 0.4 mm in diameter.

Sample Preparation Mould

A range of sample preparation moulds are available for sampling from the furnace/ladle. The choice of mould depends on the molten metal to be sampled.

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